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Datamine suggests ‘Switch Pro’ will have an OLED screen; 4k support

For what feels like years now, rumours have circulated surrounding the existence of a potential Switch Pro, helping Nintendo’s now almost 4 year old console-handheld hybrid to remain competitive amongst the next generation Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Though yet to be confirmed by Nintendo, the rumours are now persisting into 2021, with recent datamined information revealing a number of potential improvements set to arrive with this ‘Switch Pro.’

The well-known and respected console hacker SciresM has reportedly datamined a significant number of details regarding a Nintendo console which goes by the codename ‘Aula’. This console, which is speculated to be the Nintendo Switch Pro, reportedly still uses a similar SoC to that of the current Switch, which was based off of the now ageing Tegra X1. That being said, this revised SoC is said to have “substantially better cooling and battery life” allowing for potentially higher clock speeds overall.

Furthermore, it would seem as though the console could arrive with an upgraded dock, which unlike the current Switch, could have its own integrated chip allowing for much greater performance when docked; offering 4K support.

The handheld itself is said to have an upgraded display, though no specific resolution was offered (the current Switch has a 720p display). Regardless of resolution, the display technology used will seemingly be OLED, as opposed to the current LED screen implemented.

With rumours having been permeating for years, it’ll be interesting to see if 2021 is the year that the Switch Pro finally comes into existence. Hopefully those holding out on buying a Switch for the rumoured upgrade won’t have to wait too long.

KitGuru says: What do you think of these new specs? Would this entice you to buy a Switch Pro? How much do you think it’ll cost? Let us know down below.

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