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E3 2023 might be cancelled

2023 was meant to represent the triumphant return of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, following its fumblings over the past few years. The parties in charge of E3 (the ESA) even brought in the organisation experts ReedPop to ensure that this year’s event goes off without a hitch, Unfortunately, it seems as though E3 2023 might in fact be cancelled as more and more publishers pull out from the upcoming expo.

According to IGN, both SEGA and Tencent have pulled out of E3, marking only the latest in a long line of non-attendees which includes the likes of Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Ubisoft. In the wake of these rumours, industry insider Andy Robinson of VGC took to Twitter to claim that this year’s E3 may not end up happening at all, saying:

“It's often tough to separate the facts from the conjecture on E3, but unsurprisingly I'm really not hearing good things. Would not be surprised at all if it's called off this week – but I hope it isn't. I feel so sorry for those behind it who did everything asked of them.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw pretty much all events cancelled, many publishers opted to approach their game announcements by offering their own digital showcases. This seems to have worked out, with many companies realising that they do not need to splash out a great deal of money in order to secure some time in the spotlight at E3. This, alongside mismanagement is what led to E3 being in its current predicament.

Due to its waning relevance, the ESA partnered with organisational veterans ReedPop (known for their work on PAX), bringing down stall prices and doing what they can to return E3 to its former glory. Unfortunately, it seems this was still not enough to bring back publishers.

E3 remains a huge name in gaming and its legacy cannot be denied. It is entirely possible that one day E3 will return to its highs of yesteryears – but 2023 is seemingly not that year.

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KitGuru says: Were you excited for E3? Can the event ever return to its former relevance? What does the ESA need to do in order to manage this? Let us know down below.

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