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E3 might not return in 2024 or 2025

Ever since the pandemic, E3 has been on hiatus. The prestigious summer gaming event was the main stage for new game announcements for decades, but in recent years, the ESA has struggled to get enough developers involved to revive the event. Now, it appears that E3 may already be scrapped …

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E3 2023 might be cancelled

2023 was meant to represent the triumphant return of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, following its fumblings over the past few years. The parties in charge of E3 (the ESA) even brought in the organisation experts ReedPop to ensure that this year’s event goes off without a hitch, Unfortunately, it seems as though E3 2023 might in fact be cancelled as more and more publishers pull out from the upcoming expo.

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E3 2024 and 2025 have been confirmed

In the wake of E3’s cancellation during COVID-19, many alternative gaming showcases were created, with Goeff Keighley’ Summer Game Fest perhaps being the most successful. That being said, with E3 confirmed to be back properly in 2023, the ESA are looking beyond, having now booked the LA Convention Center for …

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Ubisoft and Microsoft announce their plans following E3’s cancellation

Though E3 2020 has been cancelled, console manufacturers and publishers will still be hosting events around June. In the wake of the cancellation, Microsoft and Ubisoft have both announced their plans for Summer’s announcements, stating that their traditional press conferences will instead be replaced by digital events – though no …

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ESA says E3 2020 still going ahead as planned

Over the weekend, GDC was postponed at what felt like the very last minute, joining a growing list of cancelled events in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. This has led to questions over other events scheduled throughout the year, including E3. For now at least, the ESA says that …

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