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Ubisoft and Microsoft announce their plans following E3’s cancellation

Though E3 2020 has been cancelled, console manufacturers and publishers will still be hosting events around June. In the wake of the cancellation, Microsoft and Ubisoft have both announced their plans for Summer’s announcements, stating that their traditional press conferences will instead be replaced by digital events – though no …

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ESA says E3 2020 still going ahead as planned

Over the weekend, GDC was postponed at what felt like the very last minute, joining a growing list of cancelled events in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. This has led to questions over other events scheduled throughout the year, including E3. For now at least, the ESA says that …

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First British astronaut under the ESA banner heading to ISS

The first British astronaut to head into space under the banner of the European Space Agency, Tim Peake, is set to launch into Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) and join up with the International Space Station later today. He will be joined by American astronaut Tim Kopra, and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko aboard …

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NASA funds research to make human waste more useful in space

Going to the toilet in space isn’t easy. Without gravity human bowels work slightly differently, and there’s the ever present problem of what comes out floating around the cabin or space station, as happened during the Apollo 10 mission. There’s also the problem of disposal, as we don’t want any …

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ESA: with remastering, nothing is abandonware

Even though there are a few games released each year which will stick with their players for a long time to come, always reminding them of fond memories, many others simple disappear. As a part of gaming history however, some people want abandoned servers and empty game worlds restored and …

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Philae comet lander space probe wakes up

It’s been seven long months since anyone has heard from the Philae lander, which was touched down on a comet, hundreds of millions of miles from earth, in a descent that was fraught with nail biting triumphs. After 60 hours though, its batteries ran dry, as it had managed to land in …

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