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Final Fantasy XV ships 8.9 million copies

Final Fantasy XV had a tumultuous development, beginning in 2006 as ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’, the game had a new engine introduced partway through development, and even a change in the game’s director. The game finally released in 2016, and while it didn’t reach the heights of some of the other games in the series in terms of critical reception, the game sold very well. According to one industry analyst, it has become the third best selling in the entire mainline series.

According to Benji-Sales, an independent industry analyst, Final Fantasy XV has shipped 8.9 million units worldwide. This, according to Benji, puts the series’ latest mainline entry at third place amongst its predecessors in terms of sales, only behind Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X – although other sources state otherwise.

While it must be noted that these figures are ‘shipped’ and not ‘sold through’, the figure is impressive nonetheless. The most recent figures prior puts the game’s sales at 8.4 million, back in November 2018, so while sales have certainly slowed down from its peak, the game is undoubtedly “on its way to 9+ million lifetime”.

Square Enix’s next game in the series is the Final Fantasy VII Remake, set to release on PlayStation 4 on the 3rd of March 2020. As the original Final Fantasy VII holds the number 1 spot for sales in the series at 12.3 million copies, it’ll be interesting to see where the remake lands.

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