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Final Fantasy VII Remake releases in March 2020

It has been almost four years since Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced. Development updates were few and far between while Square Enix focused on shipping Kingdom Hearts 3 but now, Final Fantasy is back in the spotlight once again. Square Enix will be showing off Final Fantasy VII Remake a bit more this week during its own E3 conference but we already have a short new trailer and a release date.

Last night during the Final Fantasy VII: A Symphonic Reunion concert, Tetsuya Nomura announced that Final Fantasy VII: Remake will be releasing worldwide on the 3rd of March 2020 and showed a new teaser trailer, which you can find below:

It is worth noting that Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a multi-part ‘episodic' release. We'll hopefully hear more about that this week as E3 continues on but this initial release date will cover the first part of the game. Some reports indicate that episode one will focus on an extended Midgar section but this has not been confirmed yet.

Final Fantasy VII originally shipped on three discs, so this could be a simple three-part release schedule. However, we do know that gameplay and some story elements are being changed for this version of the game, so there could potentially be more.

KitGuru Says: Final Fantasy VII Remake should be one of the highlights for the Square Enix conference this year, followed by Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC and the new Avengers game. Are many of you planning on picking this one up next year? 

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