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Square Enix won’t release any next-gen only titles until “further down the road”

During Square Enix’s 3Q FY2020 financial results briefing, the President and Representative Director, Yosuke Matsuda was asked about the company’s next generation plans and how it was set to unfold. Matsuda confirmed that currently, Square Enix has no plans to release next-gen exclusive titles until some time “further down the …

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Final Fantasy VII now available on iOS smartphones

It's almost as if Square has realised that its most well remembered game is actually still worth something as an IP, as beyond the PC-re-release a couple of years ago, it's finally announced a full HD remastering is  in the works – albeit with a modified combat system – and to top …

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FFVII remake director discusses big changes coming to combat

Although the excitement from Final Fantasy VII fans has been palpable since Square Enix finally answered their calls earlier this year by announcing that a remake of their favourite classic title was in the works, it's been dampened by continued references to big changes in the combat systems. To clarify …

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