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Final official PS2 sales figures put console at 160 million units sold

The PlayStation 2 has sat at the top of the video game console best-sellers list ever since the system was first introduced, with the decades-old console managing to sell over 155 million units. That said, this figure has remained more of an estimate for years now – with official and final sales data now being revealed.

In the latest episode of the official PlayStation Podcast, which featured the now-departed former CEO of PlayStation ‘Jim Ryan’, the exec revealed that the long-running reigning champ of video game console sales – the PS2 – has been somewhat underreported.

Historically listed as ‘155+ million’, it is nice to get a concrete and definitive figure on exactly how many PS2s were sold: 160 million.

For context, the 155 million number was first reported back in 2012 – a little under one year ahead of the PS2’s discontinuation in January 2013.

Of course, selling 155 million consoles or 160 million isn’t too large of a difference – except for the fact that the Nintendo Switch is hot on its heels with 139 million systems sold (meaning PlayStation might still be able to keep the crown when all is said and done).

With the PS2’s rank as the best-selling console having been threatened multiple times over the years, it is interesting to finally get a concrete, definitive and final sales figure for the system; putting all future speculation to rest.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of console sales? At what point do they no longer matter? Will the Switch surpass the PS2’s updated figure? Let us know down below.

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