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Horizon II will feature robot monkeys and a giant snake

One of the most exciting aspects to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn was the way in which Guerilla Games took various animals and turned them into robot killing machines. The upcoming Horizon Forbidden West is doubling down on this concept, adding God of War-like enemies including a gigantic robot snake.

Ahead of the game’s release on the 18th of February, PlayStation released a new trailer showcasing just some of the new enemies that Aloy will be facing in the Forbidden West. It was already previously revealed that the world of Horizon would be expanding with more than double the amount of machines, adding new ones such as the Bristleback (boar); the Shellsnapper (giant snapping turtle); Tremortusk (a four-tusked mammoth) and the Sunwing (pterosaur) to name a few.

Now, Guerilla Games have shown off even more machines via a new trailer. Of the new enemies announced, the two most interesting are the Clamberjaw and the Siltherfang. The Clamberjaw is a baboon-inspired small simian machine focusing on being “fierce, fast and agile,” capable of climbing walls with ease and attacking in packs.

The scariest new machine perhaps is the Slitherfang, a giant cobra-like creature which is “capable of coiling around ruins and spitting acid” which will no-doubt pose a big threat for protagonist Aloy.

One of the best elements to Horizon Zero Dawn was its enemies, both for their design, and the fact that each would need to be taken care of in a different tactical manner. More than doubling the number of enemy types, all of which are different shapes and sizes means that now more than ever, the many weapons available for use in Horizon Forbidden West will be vital for survival. Some of the enemies fought in  2017’s Zero Dawn were intense, exciting and scary. It looks as though Horizon Forbidden West will be even more so.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of these new enemies? Are you excited to play Horizon Forbidden West? What was the scariest enemy in the first game? Let us know down below.

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