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Knockout City goes free-to-start

Knockout City is a competitive team-based multiplayer title inspired by the real-world sport of dodgeball. Initially a premium game, Knockout City has now been made free-to-start following a successful free trial.

Knockout City launched on the 21st of May, retailing for £17.99. For the game’s first 10 days of release, the game was made entirely free-to-play in order to bring attention to the game. This proved to be successful for EA, as the game saw more than 2 million players flock to the game during this time.

Following the conclusion of the 10 day ‘block party’, EA has now announced that “Block Party is over, but new players to Knockout City can still start brawlin' for free! If your friends are just joining us, they'll be able to play for free and level up to Street Rank 25 before purchasing the game. That’s also enough game time to teach them to pass the ball.”

Knockout City is just one of many new and more colourful competitive online games which don’t use guns. Other notable titles include Splatoon, Ninjala, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and more.

Following the plethora of dull and brown military shooters which had plagued most of the latter half of the 2000s and the early half of the 2010’s, it is nice to see more colours and unique mechanics being added into online games. It will be interesting to see if this free-to-start strategy pays off.

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