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Leaked photos suggest PS5’s white plates might be hot swappable

When the PlayStation 5 console was first shown off, its primarily white, two-toned design saw mixed results from fans. While some appreciated its futuristic aesthetic, others expressed disappointment in the fact that it stands out too much. Though PlayStation has yet to reveal any new colour options, a new photo leak suggests that the white plates might actually be hot swappable, allowing fans to customise the console as they please.

Discovered via the forum A9VG, one user posted a number of photos which appear to show the side plate of the PlayStation 5. What’s more interesting however is the fact that the inside of the plates contain hooks/spikes which suggest that the plate can be removed by hand. If this is indeed the case, then fans will be able to customise the colour to their liking – even replacing the white plates with custom 3rd-party offerings.

This isn't the first time that Sony has offered customisable plates on its console. The original PlayStation 4 contained a swappable plate on the top left side of the console (where the HDD was located). This served two functions: It allowed for owners to replace the harddrives themselves, while also offering the ability to replace the plate with other colours and designs.

While the central black section of the PlayStation 5 is unlikely to be customisable, offering the ability to swap out the whole exterior should satiate fans who were disappointed by the upcoming console’s colour scheme. Of course, this may not end up being the case – time will tell.

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KitGuru says: Are you excited by this potential feature? What do you think of the original colour scheme and design of the PS5? What colour would you buy the plates in? Let us know down below.

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