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Long-rumoured Harry Potter RPG could come out next year

Back in 2018, footage leaked of what was claimed to be an upcoming Harry Potter RPG. What little footage was shown excited fans as the game was said to feature character creation, a morality system, and a fully explorable world set 100 years before the events of Harry Potter. Though the game was never confirmed to exist, its release may not be too far away, as according to one person allegedly in the know, the RPG will be releasing in 2021.

This information comes from Reddit user ‘CorGrahven’ who claims that the release window has leaked thanks to communications between Warner Bros. and a localisation team. The request from Warner Bros. concerned the need to localise a Harry Potter game with a 2021 release date.

For the sake of anonymity, neither the country, language, nor distribution company were given, though ‘CorGrahven’ was apparently vetted and verified to be a voice actor who has performed in a number of adverts, while operating under “a group dubbing game trailers.”

This suggestion of a 2021 release date isn’t unfounded, as a few months ago, in the wake of E3’s cancellation, Jason Schreier reported that Warner Bros. were planning to officially unveil the Harry Potter RPG at what would have been this year’s E3 event.

With Warner Bros. yet to make any official statement on neither E3’s cancellation, nor the leaked RPG, it’ll be interesting to see when the publisher will finally choose to speak up. Could the game make an appearance at PlayStation’s upcoming next-gen event? Time will tell.

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