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Nominations for the 4th annual Impy Awards are now live

Media Molecule’s Dreams remains one of the most unique titles to be published by PlayStation, with the game-creation toolkit amassing a moderate-yet-dedicated audience. As part of its community efforts, Media Molecule hosts an annual Impy Awards where they celebrate some of the most creative Dreams – nominations for which have now gone live.

Making the announcement on their blog, Media Molecule said “Each year, the Impy Awards celebrate YOU, the Dreams coMmunity, and all the incredible work you’ve done inside and outside the Dreamiverse. It’s the absolute highlight of our year to put together a show capturing the latest year of Dreams, and that’s exactly what we’re planning to do with The 4th Annual Impy Awards early next year.”

There are 23 categories in total, celebrating and recognising all aspects to game creation:

  • Creator/Team of the year​
  • Creation of the year​
  • Excellence in art direction​
  • Excellence in environmental art​
  • Excellence in narrative​
  • Excellence in sculpture​
  • Excellence in animation​
  • Excellence in gameplay​
  • Most original gameplay​
  • Excellence in character design​
  • Excellence in audio design​
  • Excellence in voice acting​
  • Excellence in VR​
  • Music track of the year​
  • Musician of the year​
  • CoMmunity star​
  • Most helpful dreamer​
  • CoMmunity collaboration​
  • Breakthrough dreamer​
  • Contribution beyond dreams​
  • Curation star​
  • Innovation in create​
  • Evolving experience​

The team concluded by saying “Not to brag, but we have some really cool plans for The 4th Annual Impy Awards. We’re not quite ready to lift the lid on them just yet, but stay tuned to our social media channels and in-game messaging to keep up to date on all things Impys!”

Players can submit their nominations HERE, and have until the 4th of December to do so. The 4th Impy Awards itself will go live on the 26th of March.

KitGuru says: Are you excited for the Impys? Have you made anything in Dreams? Should the game come to PC? Let us know down below.

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