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PlayStation has broken another record

As the video games industry expands further and further, we have seen more and more records being broken every quarter. Once again, PlayStation has shattered records as it has again achieved the highest Q2 revenue ever for any platform holder in the video games industry.

Sony recently released its Q2 FY2021 results revealing another excellent quarter for the console manufacturer. With $5.86 Billion in revenue, PlayStation’s Q2 FY21 marks the highest revenue ever for a platform holder during this quarter. Interestingly, the previous record holder was also Sony, with all of the top 3 spots being taken by PlayStation.

The company also released updated console sales figures, revealing that the PlayStation 5 sold a further 3.3 million units, bringing the total up to 13.4 million. While this may seem like a relatively small amount for a new system, it is worth noting that the company is still suffering from COVID-related supply issues, and that the system continues to be sold out almost everywhere.

The PS4 meanwhile has sold just 0.2 million units, bringing its lifetime sales to 116.6. While a massive figure overall, it is safe to assume that the PS4 will not break 120 million units when all is said and done.

Once again, PlayStation is the highest money maker for Sony both in terms of profits and revenue, with second place going to ‘Electronics Products and Solutions’. While the full breakdown of all of the figures can be found here, all of this is simply to say that Sony continues to do amazingly well despite the limitations caused by Covid. It will therefore be interesting to see just how much better the company will be doing once it does manage to match demand with supply.

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