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Will AMD announce record chip sales for Q4 2013?

With its Q4 Earning Call scheduled for 10:30pm tomorrow night, there is a lot of speculation about what AMD might be announcing in terms of revenue, profit and outlook. KitGuru puts its ear to the ground and listens for the strongest rumblings. In the run up to an earnings call, …

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ASUS sales up 6% year on year

With the early second quarter numbers just in from Asus, it looks like the technology giant has managed to battle its way to increased sales in a tough market. KitGuru sits back to analyse the numbers and ponder what they mean. Small companies always look good. Anything they do – …

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Dixons preparing to dump Pixmania after more losses

In the summer of 2012, the board of DSG (Dixons Group) cracked open the bubbly and congratulated themselves on acquiring an even bigger chunk of online retailer Pixmania. Now, less than 12 months later, that same board is sitting in a big circle, trying to work out which person in …

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