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PlayStation has its second best year ever as PS4 sales surpass 110m

There’s no denying that PlayStation has performed admirably this generation. The console has broken a number of records, and despite being near the end of its life, is still performing incredibly well. Sony recently released its fiscal results for FY2019, showing that the PlayStation brand had its second best year ever. Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 has officially surpassed 110 million units sold.

Sony recently published its 2019 fiscal year results, boasting impressive numbers. Of note was the fact that the PlayStation division saw over $18.19 billion in revenue, and a profit of $2.19 billion. This represents the second best year ever for PlayStation. Furthermore, the console manufacturer sold 13.6 million consoles in FY2019, bringing the total number of units sold to 110.4 million.

This makes the PlayStation 4 the 4th best selling console of all time – handheld systems included. In third place is the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, which combined sold 118.69 million units. In second place is the Nintendo DS, with 154.02 million units, and of course, the PlayStation 2 remains the top dog with over 155 million units sold.

Digital game sales continues to overtake its physical counterpart, with 66% of all game sales being digital in Q4 FY2019 – the highest ever for a Quarter. With such overwhelming digital sales figures it’ll be interesting to see how long it’ll take before console platforms choose to go all-digital.

The full list of fiscal numbers can be found HERE. With the PlayStation 5 set to release later this year, it is safe to say that the PlayStation 4 has had a mighty impressive run. Hopefully Sony can continue with its current momentum as it enters into the PlayStation 5 generation.

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KitGuru says: Are you surprised to still see the PS4 doing so well so late into its lifecycle? How many units do you think the console will sell by its EOL? Will a video game console ever surpass the PS2’s sales? Let us know down below.

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