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PlayStation sets record with half a billion home consoles sold

When Sony first entered the video games industry back in 1994, the world was a very different place, with Nintendo and SEGA being the two biggest video game console manufacturers. In the nearly 3 decades since, we have seen the meteoric rise of the PlayStation brand, with no signs of Sony’s success slowing down. With the latest PS5 figures officially released, Sony has now sold over 500 million home consoles – a record for the industry.

With PlayStation 5 manufacturing no longer being hampered by production issues, Sony managed to sell an impressive 6.3 million units during the first Quarter of 2023, putting total PS5 console sales at 38.4 million.

In totality, Sony has now officially sold over 500 million home consoles since the launch of the original PlayStation back in 1994, marking a new record for the industry. The breakdown of the console sales are as follows:

  • PS – 102.5m
  • PS2 – 155m
  • PS3 – 87.4m
  • PS4 – 117m
  • PS5 – 38.4m

It is worth noting that the 500 million figure only accounts for home consoles sold, and does not factor in the performance of the console manufacturer’s handhelds. If we were to include handhelds, then PlayStation would take second place behind Nintendo – with the latter shifting over 800 million units across both home consoles and handheld devices. Of course, Nintendo has released far more handhelds across its history when compared to PlayStation, and so the comparison is not the fairest.

Still, half a billion home consoles is huge and is certainly worth celebrating. That said, with the console manufacturer hoping to shift over 25 million PS5’s this year, it might not be too long before PlayStation hits yet another milestone.

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