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PS5 Pro is 100% in development claims insider

With the previous generation of consoles, we saw our first look at the notion of mid-gen console upgrades thanks to the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X systems. Rumours have claimed that Sony is planning to have a similar release structure for the current-gen PS5, with a Pro variant releasing at some point in the future. These claims have now been reiterated, with the leakers stating it to be true with a 100% level of certainty.

As reported by known leaker Tom Henderson via Insider Gaming, “although the PlayStation 5 Pro could be canceled at any given time, Insider Gaming can report with a 100% degree of certainty that the PlayStation 5 Pro is currently in development.”

Offering additional details on this refreshed system, Henderson continued, “Whilst we cannot report on any more specifics at this time, we understand that the first dev kit prototypes will be going to 1st party developers within the next couple of months, with 3rd party developers receiving them by the end of the year.”

The report concludes by claiming that this PS5 Pro is planned for release sometime in Q4 2024 (though this could of course change). While it may initially seem too soon for there to be talks of a PS5 Pro, the previous-gen PS4 Pro launched in late 2016 – just three years after the PS4.

That said, Sony’s PlayStation 5 includes pretty high-end components (unlike the PS4 which was essentially outdated before it even came out) and so the idea of a Pro variant feels much less needed. Still, it will be interesting to see if this PS5 Pro does eventually get announced – and how Sony will pitch it to fans.

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