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PSP, PS3 and PS Vita stores rumoured to be shutting down soon

With the evolution of technology, it is only natural that eventually older hardware and software get left behind. It would appear as though this will be the case with the PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP, which will all reportedly see their online stores shuttered for good later this year.

Though not yet confirmed by Sony themselves, TheGamer reports that PlayStation is planning to shut down the digital stores for the PS3, PSP and PS Vita. The PS3 and PSP will see their stores shut on the 2nd of July, while PS Vita users will have slightly longer – until the 27th of August.

Following these dates, players will no longer be able to purchase neither games nor DLC digitally – not even from the consoles themselves. Fortunately your library will remain, meaning that any software you have previously purchased will be able to be redownloaded even after these dates.

While it was inevitable that these services would eventually be suspended, it is a shame nonetheless, for the sake of consumers as well as game preservation. Back in October last year, purchasing titles for all three consoles was removed from the web browser and PS App. Players could still access the respective stores from the consoles themselves however. If this rumour pans out, then even that will no longer be the case.

Of course, all this should be taken with a pinch of salt until Sony themselves confirm this news. Still, if you were thinking of buying any PS3, PSP or PS Vita games, now might be the time to do so.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of this news? Is this expected, or should Sony do more to preserve legacy content? When was the last time you played a PS3, PSP or PS Vita game? Let us know down below.

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