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Psychonauts 2 will only have HDR on Xbox

Psychonauts 2 is in an interesting developmental situation. Originally announced via crowdfunding site Fig, the sequel to the cult classic game was pitched to be coming to multiple platforms. Following the acquisition of developer Double Fine by Microsoft, the game was promised to still be coming to other systems. While this is still the case, it would seem that Xbox will be getting some exclusive core features.

In a recent email sent to backers of the game, Double Fine Productions released an FAQ. One of the questions asked was “What resolutions and framerates will different platforms run at?” to which the studio claimed that “We are still confirming some of these details, and will do our best to make each platform runs [sic] as best it can, at the highest supported resolution. The one thing we can confirm is that HDR will only be available on Xbox Series X and S.”

Games offering exclusive content on one platform is nothing new, however making a core feature such as HDR only available on one system seems to be an incredibly odd decision.

The only logical explanation as to why this is the case could be due to the fact that the game may have not been developed with HDR in mind, and so Xbox’s exclusive HDR functionality could in fact be derived from the console manufacturer’s Auto HDR technology – which is only available on Xbox.

Hopefully Double Fine – or Microsoft – explains exactly why this core technology is being limited to only Xbox devices for Psychonauts 2. Until then, this decision appears to be an odd one indeed.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this decision? Why do you think it’s exclusive? Did you back Psychonauts 2 on Fig? Let us know down below.

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