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Sony expects to have its biggest year ever in console sales

Despite the fact that PS5s consoles continue to be out of stock everywhere, the system is selling just as fast as they are being made. With that in mind, it seems that Sony is confident that it can supply enough systems to meet demand, with the next fiscal year expecting to be the company's best year ever in terms of console sales.

In a report by Japanese site Jiji – and translated by ResetEra – Kenichiro Yoshida, President and CEO of Sony Corporation told shareholders that the company would be drastically increasing the supply of PS5s made available over the world across the next fiscal year.

With this increase in mind, Yoshida expects Sony to sell more than 22.6 million units during the next fiscal year. If true, this would give the PS5 the biggest ever year in the history of PlayStation when it comes to console sales.

The previous record was held by the original PlayStation, which sold 22.6 million units in FY1998. The best selling year for the PS2 meanwhile was in FY2002, with 22 million units. The PS3 performed much weaker, with its best selling year being in FY2010 with 14.4 million units sold. Finally, the most recent generation was a big one for Sony, with 20 million PS4  units being sold in FY2016.

Yoshida’s expectation for more than 22.6 million PS5 units in FY2022 shows not only that Sony expects the PS5 to be one of the console manufacturers biggest generations yet, but that the company expects to be able to meet that demand. It will be interesting to see how long it will take for Sony to sort out their stock shortages.

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