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Square Enix invests in cloud gaming company Blacknut

Cloud gaming is becoming an increasingly adopted method of gaming in the industry, with all three major console manufacturers utilising it to some degree. Publisher Square Enix is now exploring the technology, announcing an investment into ‘B2B2C Cloud Gaming Platform Blacknut.’

Making the announcement via press release, the cloud company revealed that “Blacknut, the leading independent cloud-gaming provider, today announced a strategic investment from gaming juggernaut SQUARE ENIX as it looks to meet the increasing worldwide demand for cloud gaming services.”

The investment will be used to “support ongoing R&D to cement Blacknut’s technological lead, accelerate the market reach of its B2B solution, and further expand Blacknut’s portfolio of games.”

Speaking on this new partnership, Hideaki Uehara, the Director of Business Development at Square Enix released a statement saying “Blacknut is a company at the forefront of cloud gaming, with a unique combination of technical expertise and a vision for the future of gaming… We are excited by the potential of cloud gaming and this partnership will allow us to stay on top of new developments in the space, as well as expedite our future growth.”

Square Enix’s recent business decisions have faced criticism from some fans, with their prior interest in NFTs receiving significant backlash. While certainly not as controversial as NFTs, cloud gaming is still in its infancy, and so we will have to wait and see whether this investment ultimately pays off.

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