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Starfield has gained 2 million more players in the past 6 months

Starfield has had an interesting trajectory. Following an extensive and lengthy marketing strategy, the game launched to a great deal of interest, amassing more than 10 million players within its first month. Since then however, growth has slowed down significantly, with just 4 million extra players entering its universe since.

In an interview conducted by Bethesda-focused YouTuber MrMattyPlays, Todd Howard offered an update on the current status of Bethesda Game Studios’ various franchises, in particular Starfield, saying:

“We now have three big franchises [Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Starfield]. Starfield with 14+ Million players, average play time of over 40 hours per player. We have our hands full taking care of all of these players & franchises.”

While 14 million players is nothing to sniff at, it does indicate a rather rapid and significant drop in interest. As mentioned, Starfield amassed more than 10 million players within the first month following its September release.

It then took a further 2 months for the game to surpass 12 million players. This latest update reveals that the game has since taken a further 6 months beyond this to go from 12 to 14 million.

Again, these are big numbers, but considering the fact this stat pertains to all players and not just copies sold – and that Starfield had a major Game Pass push – it’s safe to say assume sales have been relatively low. It’ll be interesting to see whether the upcoming Shattered Space expansion changes things.

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