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Trademark filing hints at new Astro Bot game

For the past generation or so, Astro Bot has somewhat become the mascot for PlayStation and its various console hardware, with the first-gen PSVR headset getting the standalone ‘Astro Bot: Rescue Mission’ and the PS5 bringing the excellent pack-in title Astro’s Playroom. Those wanting a new adventure with PlayStation’s robotic mascot may not have to wait long, as Sony has now filed a bunch of trademarks for ‘Astro Bot’.

As reported by Gematsu, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed multiple trademarks for the name Astro Bot in Europe just a few days ago on the 25th of August. Following this, ResetEra user LightKiosk discovered that a similar trademark was also filed in the US last week – adding further credence to the idea that Sony is planning something big for the IP.

As mentioned, while Astro Bot is loved by many due to his fun platforming, endless references and being an overall highly polished experience, the mascot has yet to star in a big first-party title – and the one standalone game he does have is currently locked behind the 1st-gen PSVR hardware.

Regardless of what this trademark ends up leading to, hopefully we get another proper Astro Bot game sooner rather than later, be it on PS5, PSVR2 or both.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of Astro Bot as a whole? Is he a good mascot for PlayStation? What do you think these trademarks mean for the future of the franchise? Let us know down below.

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