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The Mummy IMAX trailer sounded like a joke

In what should be taken as a lesson to always, always proof something before you put it online, the quickly pulled IMAX trailer for The Mummy reboot has been drawing a lot of interest since its re-upload. It's not clear why, but much of the sound appears to be missing, only leaving a few audio tracks left. The results are pretty funny.

Whether it's the rather lackadaisical way that the pilots are assaulted by birds, or how unphased Tom Cruise's partner sounds as she is sucked out of the plane, the trailer is a great example of how important sound can be in a film. That goes doubly so for a trailer where there isn't time for tension to build naturally – though it's hard to imagine any scenario remaining tense when the muffled cries and exclamations from some of the actors are all that we can hear.

It's been available on Youtube for a few days now – though was pulled shortly after it was discovered by Redditors. Fortunately a backup exists – this is the internet after all.

You have to wonder if this was a real oversight from someone at IMAX, or if, as the original Youtube title suggested, this was someone not paying their sound guy enough. More likely, someone just dropped the ball.

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KitGuru Says: I'm not saying that this is better than the original trailer, but it comes pretty close. If whoever uploaded this had somehow dubbed in a few Brendan Fraser lines, I think we'd all be happier.

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