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Microsoft extends Windows 8 cheap upgrade to Valentines

Whenever a new operating system launches from Microsoft, the company gives those who bought close to the launch date a chance to upgrade to the new operating system for cheap/free. With Windows 8, it looks like that window might shut around Valentine’s Day. KitGuru wonders if Windows 8 users will play cupid or stupid.

It’s difficult when someone tells you, “Oh, this is much easier than the old way”, but you can see that they are simply doing more work. That’s the way many people feel about Windows 8.

Sure, with time and practice, you could end up being as fast – but why does Microsoft have this over-riding need for us to learn a new operating system every few years?

The largest company on the planet, recently announced what it described as the world’s most advanced operating system. Shall we have a quick look at Apple’s OSX when it first launched (Cheetah) – compared to the Mountain Lion version that has just hit the market at £13.99?

As far as we can tell, 90% of the changes/improvements would appear to have happened 'under the skin'. i.e. Genuine improvements to the OS, rather than cosmetic changes designed to confuse existing users

In fact, one of the most remarkable things about the original OS X, is how much it looks like Windows 7. Over the years, Microsoft has tried a lot of ‘innovations’, but with severely limited success. Remember the hoo-har surrounding the ‘aero look and feel’ that everyone would want?  No, we can’t recall anyone using it either.

Microsoft’s problem is that it knows any updated operating system that it wants to sell in stores for more than £100, had better look different, because it’s not confident in (a) its design or (b) in its pricing.

Given that hardly any Windows PCs sold today have a touch interface, why would you force the market to move over and learn ANOTHER completely different interface?   Checking Windows 7 Vs Windows 8, we can tell you which one we find more appealing. The one that looks like OS X.

Given the billions that Microsoft has thrown at its flagship operating system over the past 20 years, it’s hard to understand why it has not managed to find a design/layout that it’s happy with. When you look at a Bentley car from 20 years ago and one today, you can see refinement. Love it or hate it, that’s what you see with OS X.

With Microsoft’s mentality, the Bentley of only 4 years ago will, tomorrow, look like a grocer’s fruit stand. Very strange.

Clean, simple and familiar - or new, weird and cluttered?

If you buy a Windows 7 PC, Microsoft will give you a chance to ‘upgrade’ the clean/smooth/familiar interface for one that’s been described by Gabe Newell from Valve as a ‘catastrophe’.

We have learned that the time you have available to make the switch is likely to be extended to around 14th February 2013. You will still need to pay around £15 for the privilege of the new ‘touch-screen-friendly’ layout and missing ‘Start’ button.

KitGuru says: Now you know what to get the person you love to hate.

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