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Most Steam gamers are running Windows 10

Microsoft’s strategy of giving away free upgrades to Windows 10 looks to have been worthwhile, as a year and a half on from its release, most gamers on Steam are running it. While Windows 7 64 still maintains a foothold, nothing else even comes close.

Windows 10 adoption rate has been pretty high. In fact it’s the fastest growing version of Windows ever, though of course it was the first time Microsoft gave away an entire OS for free too. It’s made no secret of its desire to get everyone on board though, ditching old, insecure versions of Windows and making them viable customers for new, subscription based software services.


While adoption may not ever hit the rates seen during the free period again, among gamers at least, Windows 10 usage continues to grow. At the time of writing, the 64bit and standard edition have together a more than 50 per cent share of the Steam audience, according to the Hardware Survey (via PCGamer).

Windows 7 still has a pretty strong foothold, with a combined 34 per cent of the total. Windows 8 still has around 10 per cent too, though from there it’s basically single digits. XP is fortunately all but extinguished at this point, but impressively still beats out Vista, which has less than half of one per cent at this point in its life cycle.

Even OS X and Linux’s various distros beat it in usage.

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KitGuru Says: It’s good to see around 50 per cent of gamers using 8GB or more of RAM these days too. How do you guys stack up against Steam’s average user? Is your system ahead of the curve?

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