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Firefox OS could make its way on to wearables

It seems that Mozilla could be planning to bring Firefox OS to smartwatches and other wearable devices in order to compete with Android Wear devices and Apple's own upcoming line of watches, which are currently expected to launch in March.

According to Joe Cheng, Manager of Products and Projects at Mozilla's mobile division, the creators of Firefox OS want to bring the software to a wider range of devices. The operating system is already in the process of making its way on to newer devices at CES, with Firefox OS being announced for Panasonic's new range of smart TV's.


Mozilla apparently wants to ensure that Firefox OS wearables will be compatible with any brand of smartphone, helping out customers who don't want to be completely tied in to one ecosystem of devices. As it stands, Android Wear is only compatible with Android smartphones and Apple's upcoming smartwatches will only work with iPhones.

Joe Cheng said in an interview with Computer World: “we want to break that single-brand barrier”.

Firefox OS has made its way to low-cost smartphones so maybe we will see the software find its way on to cheaper wearable devices too.

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KitGuru Says: Wearable devices have yet to really break in to the mainstream but with companies like Google, Intel and Apple making a big push in the area, it is likely that we will see adoption begin to increase throughout 2015. Do you guys think Mozilla could find its place in the market with heavy competition from Apple and Google?

Source: Computer World
Via: TechRadar

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