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Microsoft will send update notifications to Windows 10 users not on the latest feature update

It looks like even those who did decide to make the jump to Windows 10 will start to receive Microsoft’s persistent update messages. These update reminders first began popping up on Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines while Microsoft was offering free upgrades to Windows 10. Now, those same reminders are coming to Windows 10 to remind users to install the latest yearly feature update- like the Creators Update.

There are several reasons Microsoft wants you to keep up with feature updates for Windows 10. For starters, the original ‘Year One’ build of Windows 10 is no longer officially supported, meaning users should have the Anniversary or Creators Updates installed at the very least. It seems that some people aren’t installing these updates, so Microsoft is taking more proactive measures to nudge them along.

Microsoft’s Windows Servicing and Delivery chief, John Cable, revealed the company’s plan to ‘take extra steps’ to keep systems updated and more importantly, secure. Cyber Security is playing a big part in Microsoft’s push to get users to update, particularly after the recent CIA leaks and WannaCry ransomware attack. As the company said at the time, cyber security is a “shared responsibility” between the company and the customer. Microsoft supplies updates to keep the OS secure but if users aren’t updating, then they will remain compromised.

Users who have not installed the Creators Update build of Windows 10 will now start to receive a notification letting them know that their OS is out of date. Those still running the original and out of service version of Windows 10 will no longer receive monthly quality updates, which Microsoft pushes out to defend against constantly evolving security risks. Beyond that, those who have not installed the Creators Update yet will also start seeing a ‘review your privacy settings’ window, reminding you to double check everything is the way you want it before updating.

KitGuru Says: If different versions of Windows are going to reach their end of service lifespan every couple of years, then it does make sense for Microsoft to try and nudge those people along. That said, it may end up irritating some users, just like the Windows 7 and 8 upgrade notifications did. 

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