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Modder gets Windows XP running on an LG G-Watch

Dave Bennett, a YouTuber and apparent smartwatch modder, has managed to get Microsoft's ageing Windows XP operating system running on the LG G-Watch. The version of the OS was slimmed down to hit under 100MB in order to keep the upload time sitting at around 12 hours.

In a video demonstrating the watch, Bennett points out that while running Windows XP on a watch has no practical benefit, it does prove a cool concept. I doubt that anyone back in 2002 thought that one day we could run a desktop operating system on our wrists.


[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB8bjYJuO3o']

Given that this version of Windows XP had to be trimmed down so much, it doesn't really do a whole lot. The GUI was removed so you can't see the classic Windows XP interface and a lot of the drivers are missing, leaving a command line window behind. This doesn't mean that the G-Watch couldn't run a fuller version of XP but it lacks the space and the upload time would take forever.

This isn't the first smartwatch mod we have seen in recently, One modder managed to get the Moto 360 working with an iPhone and late last year, someone managed to get Minecraft playing on a Samsung smartwatch as well.

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KitGuru Says: While having a super stripped down version of Windows XP running on your wrist isn't useful, it is a fairly cool proof of concept. Give the video a watch, it is pretty interesting. 

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