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Not all Windows Store apps will be available on Windows 10 S

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, a new, cheaper version of the operating system, stripped down to only run UWP apps from the Windows 10 Store. So, when it was announced that Linux was coming to the Windows Store, some thought they may be able to work around some of these restrictions. However, as it turns out, Microsoft is one step ahead and will be blocking some apps for Windows 10 S.

Windows 10 S is intended for use in education, where cheap but secure systems are needed. As a result, the OS is locked down to apps on the Windows Store. However, as Microsoft has now explained, just because an ‘app’ is on the store, does not mean it is automatically safe to use on Windows 10 S.

Here’s how Microsoft explains it in a recent blog post: Many people have asked ‘You just announced that Linux distro’s are coming to the Windows Store – will they run on Windows 10 S?’ The answer is No! Just because an app comes from the Windows Store does NOT automatically mean that it’s safe & suitable for running in Windows 10 S. There are some apps that are not allowed to run on Windows 10 S, including all command-line apps, shells and Consoles.”

So if you are an aspiring developer, then Windows 10 S won’t necessarily be the OS for you.

KitGuru Says: This news isn’t too surprising, after all, allowing Windows 10 S users to jump in to Linux would remove a lot of the restrictions Microsoft is keeping in place for ‘security’ purposes. Still, I imagine at some point, someone will figure out a way around the lockdown to UWP.

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  • Rocky40

    Step 1 Give it away for free & heard is all over to Windows 10
    Step 2 make any of the older Windows not supported by new hardware
    Step 3 Release a version of Windows 10 that works with Windows App store only but for 1 year you can open it up to run regular win 32 programs after that your own your own.
    Step 4 Force us all to either get a subscription to Windows itself to keep using it or most likely don’t go with subscription but have a Windows 10 that is basically an AD server and you have to put up with lots of AD’s.

    Yep fun times ahead I am sure for all of us. This is just my thoughts on all of this hey I may be wrong hopefully I am wrong but MS is in the business of making money and giving away Windows 10 does not make them direct money. We do not know yet what their full game plan is yet. I have noticed that with each Windows 10 upgrade version they are pushing us more and more towards online only and are also herding us over to use the win 10 only tools. The last version that just came out was a big push towards that by removing things from the secondary tools menu and replacing them with win 10 tools oh sorry win 10 app’s

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  • AMDerpIDIA

    The S in Windows 10 S Stands for Suck