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Someone managed to get Windows 95 running on a 3DS

This past week has been quite interesting in the console hacking community. Not only have some tinkerers managed to get a build of Linux running on the PlayStation 4 but a user on the GBATemp forum has managed to successfully get Windows 95 running on the new Nintendo 3DS, which features a slightly more powerful CPU compared to the original 3DS and 2DS.

The user behind this particular hack goes by the name of Shutterbug2000and managed to get Windows 95 running on the 3DS using a RetroArch DOSbox. There is even a video showing Windows 95 booting up though it doesn't show the desktop environment like the still image does. Shutterbug has said that he was originally trying to get this running on the old 3DS but after multiple attempts, he gave up for a while, until last week, when he decided to try again with the New 3DS.


[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu3_X6HcVrI']

The thread for this on the GBATemp forum has been rife with discussion, where of course the question of getting newer versions of Windows running was raised. However, Shutterbug has doubts on that front, saying that “Windows XP would never work. Like, ever”. That said, most of the forum frequenters seem to be in agreement that 2016 is off to a strong start for 3DS homebrew.

If any of you fancy tinkering around with your 3DS, you can find a lot of information on how this works in the GBATemp thread, where Shutterbug2000 has been quite active in sharing findings with other members.

KitGuru Says: It's always interesting to see what users can do with consoles, particularly due to the locked down nature of them.


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