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Windows 10 is getting a ‘Game Mode’ to help boost frame rates

Microsoft has officially begun testing its new ‘Game Mode’ feature for Windows 10, which aims to boost game performance for Windows users by freeing up resources and ensuring other processes aren’t taking up too much memory or CPU usage. There are programs that have aimed to do this in the past but this will be the first time it has been baked directly in to Windows.

The new feature is currently part of the Xbox app but according to MSpoweruser, the setting will be moved elsewhere by the time it goes fully public. Microsoft hasn’t gone into detail on exactly what this feature does, but you will be able to activate it in the Xbox App settings, where the description claims that Game Mode makes gaming “your PC’s top priority” to improve quality.


The feature is in testing on build 15007 for Windows Insiders and should roll out to all users later, perhaps when the Creators Update hits in April. Chances are, using game mode will switch off most unneeded background processes in Windows, which has been done with other software in the past, such as Razer’s ‘Game Boost’ application, GameFire or Latency Optimiser. Perhaps there is more to it than that, but we won’t know for sure until Microsoft gives some more details.

KitGuru Says: If you have a decent enough rig, then features like this probably won’t make a huge difference. That said, it could be helpful to squeeze out any extra performance you can if your games are starting to chug.

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