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Xbox One and mobile Windows 10 update will launch after Summer

The Xbox One is due to get its most significant software update yet when Windows 10 launches. However, it looks like console owners will have to wait a bit longer than PC users as Microsoft has said that the new OS update won’t hit the Xbox One until after the Summer.

The Xbox isn’t the only platform having to wait for the Windows 10 update, earlier this month Microsoft also revealed that Windows 10 mobile wouldn’t be arriving until after the official launch on PC. The new release window for Xbox was revealed on Twitter by Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of gaming.


Microsoft initially announced that Windows 10 would be integrated in to the Xbox One back in January, although it had been suspected for a while before that. Aside from that, not much is known about the switch to Windows 10 for Xbox One. It may or may not come with a dashboard change.

The big thing to take away from it is that Windows app developers will easily be able to bring their apps to mobile, Xbox and PC thanks to the new universal apps scheme.

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KitGuru Says: It seems that mobile and Xbox development of Windows 10 has taken a back seat so that Microsoft can better focus on desktop users, which is something many PC owners will be happy about. Are any of you planning on switching to Windows 10 this year? 

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