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Apple may have cancelled its TV plans sometime last year

Once upon a time, Steve Jobs claimed to have finally cracked the code to TV and since then, speculation surrounding Apple's own TV set with Apple TV integrated in has been rife. However, it looks like the company may have called it quits on the project some time last year.

According to new reports, Apple quietly canned the Apple TV set project over a year ago. This information comes from sources speaking with The Wall Street Journal earlier this week. According to them, Apple had a small team working on a TV set for a few years but the team has since been disbanded with plans cancelled entirely or put on hold.


Apple was apparently struggling to come up with compelling features to help make its offering stand out from the crowd. The TV would have sported a 4K resolution but when it came down to it, Apple didn't feel that is was distinctive enough to win a spot in the market.

Despite the fact that we may not see an Apple TV set, the company has been working on making its Apple TV set top box more compelling, with its own on-demand TV service in the works. It also has exclusivity on HBO GO for a little while, which will win over some in the US, where the service is actually available.

Either way, WWDC is just around the corner, at which Apple is expected to announce its TV service, its new music streaming service and iOS 9.

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KitGuru Says: It sounded like Steve Jobs had some interesting ideas for the TV before his death. It is a shame that we will never get to see what he had envisioned back then. That said, the TV market is very competitive, especially when ‘Smart TV' functionality is concerned. 

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