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Windows 8 will not require hardware upgrades

Windows 8 is getting a lot of hype this week, and Kitguru has been onhand with several articles detailing the upcoming flagship product from Microsoft. The news that everyone asks ‘will I need a new computer to run it?’, has been answered by Microsoft. The answer? no, you will be fine!

Famous last words.

Windows Vista was a troubled release for Microsoft. While many Kitguru staff members didn’t experience issues, the resounding public views of the product were less than stellar. Many people said that they needed a new system to run it, and that the whole interface was just too slow. Microsoft adapted quickly and released Windows 7, to much critical and public acclaim. Problem solved.

With Windows 8 just around the corner, the big questions are already being asked. Microsoft have been quick to answer them. If you own a computer that handles Windows 7, then you will be fine with Windows 8. You won’t need a new 990x CPU from Intel, and you won’t need HD6990’s in CrossfireX to power the new interface.

The new operating system won’t hit retail until next year, but time flies and Microsoft are preparing their data sheets to reassure the buying public. Buy our software, and you will get treated to the new code, but you won’t need a trip to your local PC store for a new system overhaul.

For those following the Windows 8 project, which Microsoft have made public, it won’t be a surprise. After all, the main design change is to ensure that the tablet market is well supported, ‘out of the box’. Tablets are generally much weaker systems than even a basic home computer, so the need for smooth operation is a primary focus for Microsoft. ARM architecture will also be supported, which is a first and something which indicates the desire to support the thriving mobile market.

We highlighted the video below to our readers yesterday, and the feedback was generally positive, with many people liking the style changes. Not everyone was happy however and one reader emailed us saying ‘Is this just a dumbed down Windows 7? it sure looks like it. They better have made things faster for gaming, otherwise they can count me out’.

KitGuru says: Windows 8 on your list of things to buy in 2012? We would assume many people will jump on board ASAP.

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