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iPad 2 Foxconn factory back online, but overloaded

Kitguru has reported on recent events which led to the shutdown of the iPad factory. Recent updates show that the polishing workshops are back online.

This is good news for Foxconn, but Kitguru is hearing from insiders that the relationship between Apple and Foxconn is very strained right now. Foxconn have been dealing with suicides of employees in the last year, and three people were killed in recent weeks after the explosion at the iPad factory. 15 more people are seriously injured.

Neither Foxconn or Apple have yet to release information on what exactly caused the explosion but many have said that it may have been due to clouds of dust, however it seems rather dubious as many of these factories have heavy duty air filtering to deal with any potential problems. If this was the case then Foxconn would probably be at the center of a very large legal case right now.

Foxconn workers

Foxconn will be back in full ‘iPad 2’ flow, however Kitguru recently reported that with peaks of 300,000 ipads being made each day, that staff and the facilities are consistently under extreme pressure. The company have been dealing with claims of running severe working conditions, but have recently made efforts to improve the situation, with obvious pressure being applied by Apple.

KitGuru says: iPad 2 production is back in full flow, and lets hope that no more problem occur for Foxconn, or their employees.

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