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Windows 8 – disaster for desktop users?

Windows 8 hasn’t been getting the warm reception from the enthusiast desktop PC audience that Microsoft would have hoped. Many people who have tried the consumer preview are very unhappy with the new interface and can see very few benefits to ‘upgrading’ from Windows 7.

One of the main sticking points is the Metro UI. When the developer preview was released many people felt that the Metro UI was an ‘option’ that could be disabled to let the operating system run in full Desktop mode. The developer preview did give the user some control over this, but the more recent consumer preview didn’t allow for this- Metro UI was the focus.

Metro UI is one of the main complaints that desktop users have. Many blog sites and publications feel the same because it has clearly been designed for a tablet. It slows down productivity and isn’t ideal for a desktop PC.

We have received emails about the subject from readers. One reader Jeff said “I tried it for a few hours and just deinstalled it. The interface isn’t designed for a desktop PC and I found I was slowed down when navigating. It caused me a lot of frustration. I don’t mind changes, but the operating system has been designed from the ground up for a tablet. There can be no argument on this topic.”

Forum member Agencyman tried the operating system and deinstalled it too. He said “Won’t start right, won’t shut down right, too many desktops, too much hard to get rid of garbage on one of them, hard to find a way to shut down, goes to I.E instead of default browser from Thunderbird mail, that I.E. has no controls at the top, [alt f4] doesn’t work, F11 doesn’t work, this is so bad, it should sell millions of assisted Linux packages the first day it’s out to the public.”

Kitguru says: Have you tried Windows 8 yet? do you share the same views as these people, or do you like it? Please tell us why!

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