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Déraciné and Nioh 2 revealed at Sony’s E3 Gaming conference

FromSoftware is known for their Souls games, but now they are making a story focused adventure game exclusively for PSVR called Déraciné. While FromSoftware is branching out into new territory, Team Ninja is sticking to its tried-and-tested ‘Soulslike’ genre with the surprise reveal of Nioh 2.

Déraciné was first shown at Sony’s E3 conference last night with a two-minute long trailer. The trailer doesn’t really give much away but it sets the tone with a very sombre soundtrack and a washed out look to the setting, distinctly contrasting FromSoftware's gory Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which debuted during The Game Awards 2017 and received its title this E3.

The description for the trailer spills a little more info about the story in Déraciné. You play a spirit that is summoned by a little girl that lives in a secluded boarding school. It is your task to prove your existence to the other students and alter the fate of each one of them.

There is no solid release date for Déraciné, but it will be coming at some point later this year.

Nioh 2 was also revealed by Sony, though with nothing more than a teaser. The trailer shows a single man being beaten by several other Samurai before, what appears to the be protagonist, turns into something reminiscent of an Oni from the first game. There was no mention of a release date for the title.

The first Nioh released back at the start of last year to critical acclaim. It was initially written off as a clone of Dark Souls but on release, it offered a very different experience to the FromSoftware games, so we can expect the sequel to add the fine tweaks needed to make it a truly spectacular game.

KitGuru Says: It is interesting to see FromSoftware trying out different genres as they have been making Dark Souls games for so long. Similarly, it will be interesting to see what Team Ninja can do to improve the impressive but flawed base they created with the first Nioh. What would you like to see in Nioh 2?

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