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Netflix and YouTube accidentally leaked for Switch ahead of Nintendo’s E3 panel

Video applications are pretty much a standard on any modern device, from smartphones to consoles, making it a noticeable absence on last year’s Nintendo Switch. Luckily, owners of the hybrid handheld might not have to wait much longer as Best Buy accidentally launched listings for Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.

Hulu first appeared on the Switch last November, becoming the first video-streaming application to hit western shores. Best Buy’s listing was caught by Redditors before being pulled, suggesting that there is some credibility to Netflix and YouTube arriving on the console in the near future.

Tacked onto the description for a Nintendo Switch, Best Buy apparently listed the console as “Smart Enabled,” giving owners “access to a world of instant entertainment” through internet connection, in the form of movies, music and other content. Below the statement sits the logos of the three major entertainment companies.

The Wayback Machine shows an archived version of the now-pulled webpage dating as far back as March 2018, recently updated to display the logos. All three applications appeared on the Switch’s failed predecessor, the Wii U and although “it has been rumored to be coming, we have no solid information on if and when,” deflects Best Buy, cropping up the leak as a blunder.

Nintendo is closing out E3’s press conference presentations at 9AM PT (12PM EST, 6PM CEST, 5PM BST), where the news could unfold alongside Fortnite: Battle Royale for the Switch, the latest Super Smash Bros and various Pokémon titles.

KitGuru Says: I am excited to confirm whether this rumour is indeed true, given that the Switch is the perfect device to watch things on the go, especially if Netflix includes offline viewing. Still, it’s no Virtual Console. Would you watch things on your Nintendo Switch? What would you like to see from the Nintendo E3 conference?

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