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Snowden: the CIA did not ‘accidentally’ destroy torture report

American whistle blower and Russian resident Edward Snowden, doesn't believe the CIA when it claims it “accidentally,” destroyed a 6,700 page torture report, claiming that it never does anything like that without proper consideration. “When the CIA destroys something, it's never a mistake,” he said.

The CIA was recently quoted in the press saying that it had mistakenly destroyed a 6,700 page document that was intended to inform the senate on interrogation, though many people termed it a ‘torture report.' The digital file was first deleted by accident we were told and then later the original disk containing the report was also inadvertently destroyed.

Snowden doesn't see it that way though. In-fact he was happy to allude that the CIA would deliberately destroy such a report. He would know too, since he claims to have written the Emergency Destructive Plan.

Although its location is unknown, it is said that another copy of the report exists, though whether that will be ‘accidentally' destroyed too is anyone's guess. It is said to contain details on controversial U.S. torture practices like waterboarding and sleep deprivation.

Even if it does exist and survives though, the public are unlikely ever to see it. A U.S. court of appeals recently ruled it as not subject to the Freedom of Information act (as per Independent).

Snowden in the mean time remains in Russia, where he sought asylum after fleeing the U.S., initially to China, in order to blow the whistle on NSA mass surveillance. He has since continued to disparage governments that breach privacy law and has called for a reduction in government's and intelligence agencies spying on their own citizens.

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KitGuru Says: It seems obvious what's happened here. All I can imagine is the shredding scene from Devil's Advocate. Nothing to see here, move along.

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