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157,000 people had details stolen in TalkTalk hack

With four people now in custody for their connection to the TalkTalk hack, we are starting to learn more and more about what actually happened. After a couple of weeks of speculation as to how much data was stolen, we now know that 157,000 customers of the ISP had their details stolen, with 15,600 full bank account numbers and sort codes taken, alongside personal data like email addresses, phone numbers and more.

As far as obscured/encrypted information goes, the credit and debit card numbers of 28,000 customers were accessed. As far as personal information goes, names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers and email addresses were taken, though passwords remain safe.


Right now, three teenagers have been arrested and searched in connection with the attack, along with one 20 year old man. All four people were spread out across the UK and according to TalkTalk's own investigation, it believes these details were taken in order to start a larger scam, in order to trick customers in to handing over bank account data.

Those on TalkTalk should be wary of any emails or phone calls for the next few weeks. Those who were affected by the attack should be contacted soon, though TalkTalk has yet to get around to everyone.

KitGuru Says: This TalkTalk attack has been quite the story over the last couple of weeks. I know a couple of our readers have been using TalkTalk and aren't pleased about the situation. Were any of you affected by the attack at all?

Via: Wired

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