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Now you can buy Nvidia’s Shield, from America

Nvidia has told several people that got in touch with the graphics card maker, that it’s currently not looking to bring the Shield to the EU. Chances are, that will all depend on how many of our US based cousins pick up the device and they can now do so too, since today saw the Shield go up for pre-order on Newegg, Gamestop and Canada Computer.

While speculation is varied on how well Nvidia Shield will actually do – a large part of which is to do with the price tag being $350 (£230) – it has received praise for its ability to offer the Android gaming platform a decent controller scheme – as opposed to touch – and for its powerful internal hardware: a Tegra 4 SoC and 2GB of RAM. The ability to stream PC games to the little screen and then through to a big screen TV could also be a game changer in some respects.

Is it a real game changer though, or just a niche product for hardcore phone gamers?

It certainly seems like more of a viable purchase right now that Nintendo’s Wii U, which is still seeing lacklustre sales and a poor games line up.

KitGuru Says: What would you guys rather have right now? A Nvidia Shield, letting you play your hi-def PC games around your house, or a Wii U, where you can play games that are available on every other platform – save for a couple? Let us know below or on the Facebook page. 

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