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HTC could be set to make Nexus phones for next three years

Google has often switched between different smartphone makers on an almost yearly basis for its Nexus devices. However, this year that could change, we have already been hearing rumours that HTC is set to make this year's Nexus flagship but the company could be on board for the next two years as well. This means that HTC will be in charge of the flagship Nexus for three years in a row starting in 2016.

Google and HTC have had a pretty long relationship at this point, in-fact back in 2010 HTC made the very first Nexus One smartphone. Since then, the Taiwanese phone maker has gone on to make the Nexus 9 tablet for Google as well.


According to a report from MyDrivers, HTC has signed a deal with Google to make Nexus smartphones for the next few years. This would signify a change in approach for Google, allowing the company to deal with one manufacturer for a few years, rather than switching them out annually. This deal would likely also fit in with Google's plans to get more involved in handset creation so that it can optimize Android better in an effort to catch up to iOS.

Google has been trying to solve the Android fragmentation problem for years but if this report is accurate, then this multi-year deal with HTC could mark the first step to conquering the problem.

KitGuru Says: This report may turn out to be inaccurate but if it proves to be true, then HTC's mobile division may be able to stay afloat after all, after taking numerous financial losses. What do you guys think of HTC? Do you think they are a good choice for Nexus smartphones going forward? 

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  1. I honestly think this is a good idea. This will bring the best of both worlds to Androids and Windows Phone. On that note the new HTC 10 must follow HTC One M8, otherwise this might be very well a downgrade.