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Sony is giving up on Playstation for Android

Sony has announced that it is officially giving up on Playstation for Android, the cross-platform Vita and Android indie gaming publishing scheme will no longer be supported in newer versions of Google's mobile operating system.

The service will still run on older Sony certified devices. However, Sony can't guarantee that all games will work properly on phones using Android 4.4.3 and up. In some cases, users may not actually be able to access the game store at all.


Phones and tablets that update to the upcoming Android L OS won't be able to access the store at all and Sony has no plans to give anymore devices ‘Playstation Certified' status.

Playstation Mobile offered a small selection of original Playstation One games. However, due to the presence of working PS1 emulators on Android, these mobile ports didn't sell particularly well. Many of the Playstation Mobile store's biggest titles were also available on iOS.

Up until now, the simplest way for an Indie developer to get its game on to the PS Vita was to go through Playstation Mobile. However, Sony has increased its support for Indie titles on the Vita in recent months and as a result, it will likely be willing to accept more titles directly, eliminating the need to Playstation Mobile.

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KitGuru Says: Playstation Mobile never really took off the way Sony had probably hoped it would. Do any of you guys remember the Sony Xperia ‘Playstation Phone' that was released years ago? Did any of you guys use Playstation Mobile on Android at all? 

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