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Intel teams up with Fossil for smart, wearable electronics

Intel Corp. and Fossil Group, a global design, marketing and distribution company specializing in fashion accessories, have announced that they will be collaborating to develop wearable technology for the fashion industry. The collaboration will help the companies to wed leading-edge electronics with advanced design.

The companies plan to work together on emerging products and technologies that will be developed for the fashion-oriented consumer. Fossil Group is committed to being a leader in the space and its work with Intel will enable fashion brands within the company’s portfolio to participate in wearable technology in a proper way. Fossil already works with Google to promote Android Wear operating system, hence, the collaboration with Intel will further help the company to bring wearable electronics to the market.

Fossil manufactures and sells a wide range of fashionable products, including bags, clothing, sunglasses, accessories, wallets, watches, etc. The collaboration with Intel can potentially make all of its products “smart”.


“We are very excited about collaborating with Intel and working to develop the next innovation in the emerging wearable technology space,” said Kosta Kartsotis, chief executive officer of Fossil Group. “Combining our fashion lifestyle brands with Intel’s expertise in technology, hardware and innovation will position us to be a leader in this segment.”

In addition, Fossil Group will work closely with Intel Capital to recognize and weigh co-investments in evolving technologies to accelerate industry innovation and stay at the forefront of the wearable consumer trend.

The collaboration between Intel and Fossil makes perfect sense. The former company does not have a lot of experience with fashionable accessories and design, which means that it will not be able to enter the market of popular wearable electronics itself. The latter company does not have experience with electronics, which means that it cannot develop leading-edge smart devices. Together the two companies will be able to combine advanced design with high technology.

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KitGuru Says: Intel seems to be very serious when it comes to wearable computing devices. What remains to be seen is when the first fruits of collaboration with Fossil emerge on the market. While the market of wearables is only emerging, it will soon be pretty crowded as many companies recognize the potential of smart-watches, smart glasses and other emerging devices…

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