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Apple’s iWatch to enter mass production next month

Quanta Computer, a contract maker of electronics from Taiwan, plans to start mass production of Apple’s iWatch device next month, according to a news-agency. It is believed that the iWatch will be released this October and Quanta will be the exclusive maker of the smartwatch.

Reuters reports that the watch from Apple is currently in trial production at Quanta and that everything is on-track to start its mass production in July. This is not the first time when Quanta is mentioned in connection with the iWatch, which may mean that the contract maker is really a part of the project.

It is noteworthy that the description of the iWatch that Reuters reveals is vastly different from everything that has been published so far. According to the news-agency, the smartwatch from Apple will feature a display that measures 2.5” diagonally and is slightly rectangular; such display is currently installed on the iPod classic and it is a rather huge. It is also claimed that “the watch face” will stick out slightly from the band, creating an arched shape, and will feature a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities.

Earlier it was reported that the iWatch would exist in two sizes and would feature stylish design. While it is possible to make a stylish gadget with a huge screen, it will still remain too big for many users.


An iWatch concept by a designer

Apple iWatch is expected to be a companion device for the iPhone and will feature a number of sensors to track health and fitness data. As a companion device, it will provide voice talk and messaging capabilities. The iWatch will rely on Healthbook stack of applications that will monitor exercise, diet, sleep, stress, medication adherence and so on. Just like the Passbook and the Newsstand, the Healthbook will support both Apple’s and third-party apps. Reportedly, Apple’s idea is to create a digital health platform with the help of its partners. The iWatch will likely send the data to iPhones with M7 motion co-processor for analysis and display.

Based on a previous as well as the new report, the iWatch will use an Apple-designed application processor made by Samsung Electronics, a display made by LG Display, a power IC (or ICs) from Richtek, a sensor from Heptagonas well as other components from companies like Texas Instruments.

Apple, Quanta, Samsung and LG Display did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: If the new rumours about the Apple smartwatch are correct, then it looks like the device will be rather bulky. The advantage of a big screen is that it will provide more convenience for messages or notifications. But a disadvantage is that large watches may be uncomfortable in general.

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