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Apple Mountain Lion OS released – £13.99

Apple have announced that OS X 10.8, or Mountain Lion, will be released on the Mac App Store. The software upgrade is a very reasonable $19.99/£13.99, which is a complete contradiction to the high prices that Microsoft charge for their operating systems.

The new operating system will bring a raft of new features to the Macintosh user base, such as Notes, Notification Center and reminders. They are also introducing ‘GateKeeper’, a new security feature which is designed to help reduce malware by blocking uncertified applications from being installed.

The company are bringing 200 features to the new code. If you bought a new Apple computer on June 11th, or after then you may be able to get a free upgrade, via the ‘uptodate‘ scheme.

Kitguru says: A new operating system for £13.99. Microsoft, any chance of adopting this model? it would certainly cut down on piracy.

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