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Apple denies lowering Face ID specs to boost production

Yesterday, reports were cropping up surrounding the iPhone X, suggesting that the final development of the device was hindered by the lack of components to complete its Face ID feature. This led to speculation that Apple had lowered its specification in order to better get its new flagship out the door by November 3rd, but the company has now publicly denied these claims.

The reports began with Bloomberg publishing that the iPhone X would experience shortage issues, only making its way into the hands of those that obtained the earliest of pre-orders to begin with, which would just about begin to stabalise part-way through 2018.

The reason for this was apparently yield issues due to one of Apple’s infrared dot projector suppliers dropping out of production after being unable to meet the accuracy demanded by the tech firm.

Apple has since released a statement via Business Insider to quell these claims, stating that “Bloomberg's claim that Apple has reduced accuracy spec for Face ID is completely false and we expect Face ID to be the new gold standard for facial authentication. The quality and accuracy of Face ID haven't changed, ” continues Apple. “It continues to be 1 in a million probability of a random person unlocking your iPhone with Face ID.”

It seems that the launch date is still very much intact, as Apple “can't wait for customers to get their hands on it starting Friday, November 3.”

Next week, Apple has a lot to prove for itself after customer expectations for premium phones have begun to plummet. This is due to the underwhelming release of the iPhone 8 barely raising the bar above its predecessor, and even more so, Google’s diabolical Pixel 2 release that has elevated fear that even the bigger, supposedly more reputable companies are cutting corners.

KitGuru Says: If the iPhone X misses the mark, it could really shake up the market in terms of customer trust for brands that thrive of loyalty. Still, with the hype behind it, Apple’s new flagship is certainly set to sell well regardless. Do you plan on picking up the iPhone X?

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