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Apple tells devs to natively support iPhone X with new applications, notch is here to stay

Apple’s infamous notch housed at the top of the iPhone X is rather punk, ignoring the ridicule to go on to become a complete trendsetter that many now adopt themselves. Of course, this notch is appearing on more Android smartphones now despite the initial backlash, and Apple isn’t dropping it any time soon, telling developers that they must offer native iPhone X support with new apps.

“Starting April 2018, all new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK, ” the company revealed on its website. “All new apps for iPhone, including universal apps, must support the Super Retina display of iPhone X.”

Although not an official confirmation, this does help dim fears that the iPhone X is soon to be discontinued. Alternatively, it could be a sign that Apple plans to continue sporting its notch for future iterations, something of which is speculated by a number of experts in the field. Considering that Apple will undoubtedly be utilising its Face ID technology, this isn’t all that surprising.

Currently, there is a 6.1-inch iPhone in the works that is nearly identical to the iPhone X and is pegged to be cheaper than its tenth-anniversary cousin at a predicted $699, yet with a bigger screen. This does include speculation that it will house cheaper components, such as aluminium instead of stainless steel, but it will otherwise introduce a more affordable solution to premium features.

9to5Mac notes that Apple hasn’t revealed a deadline for when updates to current application on the market should cater to the iPhone X’s unique display, but those that do will benefit from its features, including Core ML, SiriKit and ARKit.

KitGuru Says: Whether you’re one to avoid its products or embrace them, it’s almost impossible to deny that Apple makes trend setting look easy. Do you like the iPhone X’s notch? How do you feel about it appearing in subsequent smartphone designs on both iOS and Android?

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