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Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus is unexpectedly popping open

Just over a week after release, Apple’s new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are experiencing phone-breaking issues. The company has taken to officially investigate the issues after a handful of reports are suggesting that the new devices are popping out of their shells.

An unfortunate Japanese owner of the iPhone 8 Plus received his handset in a completely unusable state, with the screen warped outward as the device had begun to split open. 9to5Mac also reports that a Taiwanese 8 Plus owner saw her device crack open while it was on charge with the official Apple supplied adaptor.

Reports accompanying the Taiwanese case come with the description that the battery was swollen, prompting many to jump to the conclusion that this was the cause and that it was an explosion similar to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 case.

As of yet, it is unconfirmed if the battery was the cause considering that the Japanese owner experienced the same problems on arrival and there were no signs of burn marks to indicate an explosion like some media is purporting.

The cracked Taiwanese iPhone 8 Plus, courtesy of iFeng.

The company has had experience with problems like this before, with Apple Watch owners reporting that their device’s screen had begun to bulge due to swollen batteries, causing partial detachment of the screen. Apple extended the warranty of their wearables to cover the issue while it investigated further, concluding that it was not a safety issue and didn’t require a recall as of yet.

Apple has launched an investigation into the cause of the issue, having taken in the affected phones for further study. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners are being assured that there is no need to worry as of yet, considering this problem seems isolated.

KitGuru Says: With the horror stories that lingered after Samsung’s debacle, it’s easy to see the fluster caused by even a hint of that happening again. That being said, users needn’t worry just yet and we will keep on top of the story as it develops. Have you had any issues with your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus?

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